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In March of this year I began my research for an inflatable boat. I searched American Vendors ( too expensive for Canadians ), then I searched Canadian Vendors from BC to Labrador & Newfoundland ….

I struck pay-dirt, ( I’m a Prospector ) when I found Seabright Marine.

We bought the SeaBright 320 - 10' 6"

We are most pleased with the “Boat”, the website, the prices, the shipping, and the service.

I guess you could say, “ our ship came in ! ).

We took the boat out fishing May 21st. There was four adults plus "stuff" plus a 50 Lb. battery and a 27 lb. Minkota Electric Trolling Motor. This totaled about 900 pounds.

Since then we have been out fishing many times through June, July, August, and Sept.

I wish I would have sent this earlier, however now we have had a summer of experience with the boat and can give it our approval.

Brent and Alice R, Sudbury, ON


Thank you very much, Daniel and Leslie, for the personal touch and the time you took in answering ALL our questions/concerns regarding the Seabright inflatable product. We are thrilled with our purchase and would recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase a product like ours without any reservations.

You are a great ambassador for the product as well as having integrity towards your customers. I would be happy to endorse anyone to trust in you and your product as you fulfilled everything you said you would do - in a speedy and forthright manner.

We are couple of Seniors, and we find this to be something that is very rare in today's world. Kudos to you and Leslie.

Reg and Sherry A, Windermere, BC


Dear Mr. Avis,

Mark received his boat today, 3 days earlier than expected. An hour after arriving, she was in the water. What a beauty. Mark loves her. thank-you once again for everything. Mark is more than satisfied with his purchase. All the best to you and leslie.

We are all so pleased with Mark's purchase and anything we can do to help, go ahead. She is beautiful and alot of people are asking about her so hopefully you will get some more business from this area of newfoundland. anyone who seems interested, i will give them your name and business phone number. thank you Mr. Avis. You and Leslie have been most helpful .you guys are great people to do business with. we look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

Jill W - Borgeo, Newfoundland

Hi Daniel,

We took it out all weekend long and had a lot of fun with it. Two people, both standing, no problem for fishing, the boat is real stable, the aluminum floor is real solid. We already tested the oars as we sheared our prop pin on a rock, and they work well too. We even had it in 3 foot swells and it was a lot of fun riding through the waves, one of us was even standing. The beauty with this boat is that it fits into the back of the truck no problem.

Once again, thanks for the speedy delivery and we look forward to having a lot of fun with this boat.

Yves M - Lachine, Quebec


Thanks folks
I've been showing your site to a few people and you may be getting some business.

Tony V - Calgary, Alberta


hi daniel i got my boat very happy with it thank you

Shirley W - Shediac, New Brunswick


I was in at a boat dealer, Hurst Marine, who sells Zodiac's and feel the Seabright is better quality. I felt the same way when I compared it to a Mercury boat last season as well. The Seabright seems to go the extra mile in terms of quality construction of the rest of the boat. I can hardly wait to get the boat out on the water to do some fishing.

Thank You very much for the great offer. You really go the extra mile to please.

Shaun M - Nepean, Ontario



Thanks for being so informative and efficient. Your service has been excellent! Thanks.

Ron R - Winnepeg, Manitoba


Hi Dan,

I just wanted to drop you guys an email to thank you for the outstanding sales process I have experienced with my purchase. Being in the service industry myself it is very rare to have a hassle free experience purchasing items. Your professionalism and response to my order was above and beyond my expectations. I received the boat on time and had no issues with assembly. My son was on the water in 15 minutes out of the box. Your product is of excellent quality. I have owned a quicksilver brand inflatable and found myself with no support when it came time to service the boat. Your price point and service has left you with no competition in my opinion.

I was looking at zodiac for a comparable price and found a similar boat for almost $1000.00 more. I will continue to recommend your company to friends and family and would have no issues being contacted as a reference.

Thanks again, best of luck this season.

Derek H - Niagra Falls, Ontario


I was very pleased with your service. I e-mail about your boats and asked you to give me a call, within an half hour you called, thats service. Your RIB boat is unbeliveable, I have been looking for over two years, an yours rates in the top 5, in looks,quality & price. By the way you beat your deliver date, one day early.

Ron S - Ingleside, Ontario


Thanks, also for replying to my questions so quickly, I really appreciate that. I'm telling anyone who's looking for a boat to go to your website.

Gaven I - Grand Forks, British Columbia

Hi Dan & Leslie,

We are very pleased and impressed that you passed along your Winter
Sale discount! Nothing like this has ever happened to us before. In fact, we can't remember anyone we know that has had a similar experience.

We have just elevated Seabright Marine Ltd. to our Number 1 company in
the world, and we will heartily recommend you first to anyone wanting
to buy an inflatable boat!

Thank you so much,

John & Joyce S - Elliot Lake, Ontario
thanks again for the great service, word is getting around about SeaBright marine in southern Ontario and it’s all good.

Cheers and have a great summer.

James T - Pickering, Ontario

Thank you Daniel and Leslie for providing us with very informative and reliable information prior to our purchase. You were both very professional, knowledgeable and not "pushy" sales represenatives, which we much appreciated. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and we look forward to receiving our boat.

Frank and Rose G - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Hello Daniel and Leslie,

Thanks again for the excellent service. I've been out twice so far with the family and we had a great time with the seals, whales and seabirds (my backyard and office is Forillon National Park)!!!

Denis C - Gaspe, Quebec

Thanks for being so prompt with the delivery and keeping us posted on how everything progressed.

Dave & Pat B - Hamilton, Ontario

The fast service is greatly appreciated.

Daniel C - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you for dealing with my concerns in a timely fashion. I only wish all businesses responded to customer concerns and had on time delivery as good as Seabright Marine. I'll definitely recommend Seabright Marine to other boaters not only for the great prices, and quality products but also for the way in which Seabright Marine does business standing behind the products they sell. Take care, its been a real pleasure doing business with you.

Marshall G - Burke's Falls, Ontario

Hello Daniel

The New boat is awesome. It over-exceeds my expectations. Thank you for your advice in picking the right type of inflatable for our family.

Curtis L - Hamilton, Ontario the boat set up and am real happy with it....thanks Steve

Steve C - Islandview, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Thanks for the extra effort! I'll try to make you some more sale in Quebec for you guys, I'll be on lac Champlain all summer.

Christian T - Montreal, Quebec

Thank you very much for the terrific service. You have gone beyond what I would have imagined any business would do. I will gladly recommend you to anyone interested in inflatable boats.

Many thanks again for your incredible service. Oh yes I've had two friends both asking for your web site so hopefully your great service will pay off dividends for you through new sales. I can not believe the interest shown by people when we take our boat out in the water.

Brian E - Brinston, Ontario


I'm going to make sure I tell anyone who asks me about the boat what a great expeariance it has been dealing with you and your wife Leslie. I'll fill you in when we get back on how everything went.

Thank You

Tom H - Courtice, Ontario


Thank you again for the great service you have provided over the last 6 months when the boat was originally ordered.

Have a great summer season in Nova Scotia...........

Bob and Wendy H - Mississauga, Ontario.
I received my boat right on schedule May 17. We went to try it on the week-end, we absolutely loved it. It's perfect.


Andre G - Powell River, British Columbia

I got to try my new boat this morning, Awesome!!!

I am really pleased with my boat and the great service from your company. As you are aware I was a little skeptical at the start because it was hard to believe that I would get the quality that I wanted at such a low price. My concern was also for safety as I want to do a lot of fishing with my grandson. Every claim that you make is the absolute truth and I couldn't be happier with the performance, quality and price of my boat. Please feel free to use me as a reference in Western Canada for your product, I would be very happy to answer any questions that any of your potential customers may have.

Thanks for the great service and a first class product, it is a pleasure to deal with such a professional company.

Best regards and have a great summer,

Keith M - Nanaimo, British Columbia


.... now that the sailing season is over I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the dinghy.

It performed very well and with a 7.5 mercury on it it got up on plane very quickly.

Shipping was 2 days from Nova Scotia to Ontario.Thats what I call fast.

Packaging was excellent and setup was a breeze.

I would highly recommend this dinghy to anyone, and already have to some local boaters. If they purchase something else they are literally missing the boat..

Great service and great price. What more could a person ask for...Thanx again

Mike T - Bellville, Ontario


Daniel, as you promised, I  recieved my boat , at 15.30 hrs , Quebec time, In perfect condition.

I thank you, for your good service , and also for your "professionalship" . Be sure I will gladly recommend your company to my friends.

I am very happy with the boat.   I am also pleased with the good service recieved.  You can count me as a very satisfied customer ,and you can use  that letter as a reference.

PS:   very very nice Boat.

Roger L - St. Colomban, Quebec


A great little boat. I will (and do) recommend them to anyone who asks about it ( and quite a few do at the Yacht club (RKYC).

Eric M - Saint John, New Brunswick


We found our inflatable to be just fine. The 9.5 was perfect for our requirements. The quality and construction looks to be as good as your competitors.

Bruce C - Halifax, Nova Scotia


I purchased my first "Zodiac" about four years ago. It was 12' 6" and weighed in at "a minimum of three people to carry it any great distance". Much to my dismay, the seams gave way early last summer and she became a dust collector in the garage. I searched for months, both new and used, for a replacement, but nothing seemed to be what I was looking for. If it was second hand, the condition was unacceptable; if it was new...then it was the price.

On a drive one weekend, I came across a road-side sign. After calling the number and getting directions, I met Dan and Leslie Avis of SeaBright Marine. They were just starting their new business. I was taken down to the water to view one of the inflatables and was pleased to know that they came in a variety of sizes. We purchased one immediately and within hours had it in the water.

One of the most amazing aspects was the fact that I could now carry it without the help of two large friends. And much to my surprise, I was able to mount my 25HP motor to it without any concerns. Our first trip took us about 100 Nautical Miles into the Atlantic Ocean (to Sambro). The boat skipped effortlessly across the ocean swells. I am AMAZED that Seabright Marine's products stood up to the same "testing" that my old inflatable did, at a fraction of the price.

I highly recommend Seabright Marine.

Christopher P - Halifax, Nova Scotia


My inflatable does everything I expected of it. I particularly like the fact that it comes complete with oars, pump, everything, so all I had to do was inflate it and put the motor on the back. There is no doubt that it was the price that attracted me to this boat, it is great value for dollar.

Brian T - Halifax, Nova Scotia


I just wanted to let you know that the boat performed very well this weekend. I have put it through it's paces including spilling two beers! I am very pleased with the boat.

Peter V - Tantallon, Nova Scotia


Everything said to be and more.Thank you!

Henry Z - Windsor, Ontario


A grreat little boat -I had it all put together in an hour - perfect- thanks

Ronald P - Brunswick, Maine, USA


Superfast delivery. An A+ Ebayer!!!!

Percival S - Rothsay, New Brunswick


I purchased one of your inflatables last year feeling a little nervous because of the low price ! I need not have worried It has out performed my old Zodiac and certainly steers a straighter track when rowing! Towing behind my boat it rides the wake with ease no sign of tipping even at high speed with sizable waves. I am now considering a 12 footer for use as a dive boat. Anyone who is looking for an inflatable I would have no hesitation in recommending for handling, build quality, adaptability and most of all they are half the price, or even less than the competitors. Great product Dan I wish you well in the future and success in your business venture.!

Your motto of your boats being inflated not your prices certainly fits the "bill"

If any of your potential customers needs a recommendation, please feel free to pass on my contact details

Thanks for a great deal !

Ian B - Halifax, Nova Scotia